Friday, October 5, 2012

Chace & Steve's Wedding

Our two good friends, Chace Warner and Steve Broker, just got married last Thursday. It was a truly elegant and magical wedding. Derek and I were especially excited for this wedding because it was the first time we have actually attended a ceremony. All the weddings we go to have temple ceremonies, and therefore we only attend the reception. It was really fun to watch their ceremony. Plus we were really excited for these two because we know them so well, we hang out with them all of the time, and we spent a lot of time with them before they were a couple. Chace and Steve have been really good friends for quite some time before they even considered the other side of it. To me, that makes their relationship so rich and unique.

Unfortunately we were late to the ceremony and didn’t get to see their entrance. Apparently it was very unique. We were told they drove in with a giant truck up this dirt road. Slightly out of character for these two, if you ask me, but super fun nonetheless. Sad we missed it.

They had their ceremony and reception at Louland Falls up Parleys Canyon. It was gorgeous. Red rock and waterfalls everywhere. It was kind of cold that night, but they had outdoor heaters all over, and they had an open bar.... which tends to keep people warm. Or at least keep their minds off of it ;)

Jer and I waiting in line for the fabulous food.

Just can't get enough of these two.

My absolute favorite!

Yucky Love Stuff

One of the greatest things about their wedding was that they decided to go to Bar X for a little after party. It's kind of their little special spot. We always go to Bar X with Chace and Steve. So about 15 people carpooled downtown to have a few drinks and say farewell to the happy couple before they headed off to Thailand for their honeymoon.

They Love Eachother!

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