Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When I Used to Clean Toilets for a Living

Just thought this may be a fun interlude to my "coming soon" post about my new job. Obviously, I haven't had much time to blog lately with my new schedule, but hopefully I can figure out a way to keep up on it. Until then, here is a little treat..... 
As you may or may not know, my first job when I moved to Utah was cleaning the Church Office Building. It was actually a super great job to have while in school. We would walk to work, the hours were great, they were super flexible with our "leaving for the holidays" schedule, and I knew a ton of girls who lived in our dorm that worked there too. Amazingly enough we found a way to have a lot of fun while cleaning toilets and emptying trash cans over and over again.

Leana was one of my favorite cleaning partners.

We're dorks. Don't judge.... we were young ;)

Most of the time we had our own floors to clean, so we were by ourselves. The last few weeks I was there they actually decided to try a new idea where 3 people would have shared floors to clean. Needless to say, we loved that idea.

Just some random videos to give you an idea of what a typical night was like.


   Sneaky Leana was always trying to catch me in the act...
She very much succeeded this time.

Don't worry, I got her back....


            Now, you have to remember we were just having a normal, boring day at work, so any kind of  fun was super amplified. Although I still have to say... We got her good. We were so proud!
Really cool outfits, right? Too bad you can't tell how high the waist is.....

I should probably be too embarrassed to share this with everyone (not to mention dragging poor Leana into it) but I think I would rather think of it as a testament to how far we have come in our professional lives, and the random paths that we took to get here. All of our experiences add to who we are and who we might become. We all know someday I'll look back and say, "Thank goodness I was a janitor that one time, or I would of never know that..." ;)


  1. I can't believe you still have got these!!! LOL. Made me laugh!(also, I proudly showed these to my husband.) I totally forgot about videos and how we were sneaking up on each other. It was so long ago.... like a different life or something.

  2. Ha ha! I know! It was a lot of fun! It seriously does seem like a different life...