Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bowers Wedding

Shara's bestie, and long time friend to the Jensen family, Katie Bowers, got married this past weekend. She had her ceremony and reception at the Garden Park Ward in Salt Lake City. This was no ordinary ward building. It was more like a castle in an enchanted forest. There were two old fashioned buildings surrounded by gorgeous grounds, a pond, a creek, and adorable walking paths everywhere. Katie and her father entered by walking over the creek on a cute little bridge. It was magical.

Unfortunatley, we were on the otherside of the creek but it was still an adorable ceremony.

Father and Son

Shirley and Whit

Me in my wedding earrings :)
My fave photo of Derek. He he!

Their wedding was so fun and unique. Katie and her (now) husband are two of the most fun and outgoing people you'll meet.  They had an awesome bbq buffet, homemade by the grooms family. So tasty. There were tons of homemade cookies and lemon bars. As if that was not enough, they also had Subzero catered in . It was freezing outside but who am I to pass up free ice cream. 

The best part of this wedding was the dancing. Katie and her "Lobster" are both big country dancers. In fact, they first met while country dancing. So, of course, they had country dancing all night long. All of the grooms friends were out in their cowboy boots showing us the ropes. Almost everyone there knew all the line dances. It was so much fun. Katie looked so gorgeous, and they looked so amazing out there dancing so perfectly together. I told Derek that I want to be able to dance like that with him. He's not exactly up for it, but hopefully some day we will have the chance to take lessons or something.

I love weddings!
Can't we just get married again?? And again? Like, maybe every 2 years. People love free food and dancing right? 


  1. That's why someone came up with a vow renewal!!!!:) Come on, get on it! I want to dance at your party!:)

  2. Ha ha! Seriously! I'm on it! You too!