Friday, October 19, 2012

Until next year Park Silly.....

As I'm sure I posted about earlier in the year, I interned for the Park Silly Sunday Market this summer. Last year Cole was interning with them and asked if I wanted to volunteer. Since it was only on Sunday, I had a few chances to get up there and help out. It was actually a ton of fun. So, this year when they sent out the volunteer emails, I noticed they were looking for a photography intern. Good experience, fun people, and we all know how much I love markets! I'm in!

Well I was absolutely correct! Even though having all of your Sunday's booked really sucks, it was so worth it. I met so many fun people that I miss so much, even though we still get together sometimes. I learned a lot about taking photos for an event, and got a lot of editing practice. I bought some cool stuff from vendors and ate way too much market food. I love market food!
Sadly the Park Silly Season had to come to an end. Now I am just left with billions of pictures that I can't seem to erase, and lots of awesome, new friends.

Mike, hands down.... coolest face painting I've ever seen. Wish we could of partied more.
Nick, you are the coolest! Thanks for always letting me tag along with you everywhere. You cured all boredom. I will miss dog watching with you. 
Seriously cutest bother/sister combo I know!

You two...... really know how to get a party started!

Oh Heather. Love this so much! It will forever remind me of the ridiculous entertainment you and Brandon provided us with at Silly Fest. You need to share your tips with me girl, cause you have the cutest style. And no one pulls off the "butt pants" like you!
Kris, I don't have to say much here because you and I are still besties. Just had sushi today! I will, however, mention how much I will miss your crazy rants about the insane vendors at 6am.

No goodbye words for Cole-io. Hopefully I'll never have the need to miss you...

Brandon, you are adorable. Almost as cute as a puppy ;) I always pictured you and Nick being those kids on campus that everyone hated... only because they really couldn't hate you.  "Hi, I'm smart, popular, gorgeous, outgoing, funny, and talented. But don't worry I'm super friendly and sweet too."
You all know what I'm talking about. We all knew "one of those kids".

Jon, you and your wife are the cutest ever. And... "Oh, you didn't know I could dance with fire??" ...Duh! Seriously rad hidden talent!
Tricia and Sterling, You two are so damn cute. Every Sunday I was like excited to see what kind of silliness you two would have up your sleeves. Props to you girls for saving the planet! Wish we all had such dignified jobs.
Jaecey, you might be the most unique, interesting,and talented individual I know. Love seeing all the gorgeous photos of you on FB.
Ryan, you are my favorite! I just want to keep you in my pocket. You have one of those rare personalities that can make anyone happy at anytime. YOU ARE THE MOST HILARIOUS PERSON I've ever met. I love you!

Here come the model shots....

What a pair....

Until next year Park Silly.....

PS- Ali, I love your cute face! We all missed you at Silly Fest. Hope to see you soon!

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