Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Superheroes and Villains

The last Halloween blog of the season.

 On Halloween day, my whole office at Hilton dressed up as Superheroes and Villains. They pick a theme for the Sales and Catering team every year. Obviously, this is where the Poison Ivy idea came from. It was so much fun. Everyone dresses up, and we have this big Halloween Rally with the whole hotel. I love that my boss gets so into the holidays. She absolutely loves Halloween.

So, technically I am still considered the new girl. Probably until a newer girl comes around. Well, apparently the Hilton Sales and Catering team pride themselves on being excellent pranksters. I have certainly got my fair share since I started this job. It really doesn't help that I am super gullible. Anyway, the day before Halloween, they really laid it on me. I had been teased so much; I think my face was permanently red by noon. So to end a grand day, I got an email from one of the sales guys saying, "Sorry you have been picked on so much today. The theme for tomorrow is not superheroes and villains. Melissa (my boss) plays this trick on the new girl every year. The real theme is White Trash Thanksgiving."
I'm freaking out. Silently. Is he telling the truth because he feels bad or is this just another prank? So I decided to go around and question everyone, trying to get them to slip up. No one did. Finally, some of the girls broke down and told me. Knopper (sales guy) was messing with me. The real theme was Superheroes. We came up with a brilliant plan to have me come dressed as Poison Ivy/White Trash Thanksgiving to get him back.

The Results:

Don't worry, I made it to where I could remove everything after. I think I look pretty great in a trash bag.

The Real Thing

Colleen as The Queen of Hearts

Tina as The Evil Queen

Nanda as Bat Girl and Atsuki as Robin

One of LJ's famous cupcakes. If you follow me on Instagram, you certainly know of these.
We had a pumpkin contest between departments.

Engineering's Pumpkin: Marge

Housekeepings pumpkin: Hedgehog. The winner!

Spencer's Steakhouse pumpkin: Yummy!

Our pumpkin: Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas

Accountings pumpkin: Mummy

Amy, Hola, and Jeannine as PowerPuff Girls

Nicolle and Carrie as The Wonder Twins

The Batman Clan! Melissa is The Joker and Brooks is Batman. We didn't plan to match.

Umpa Lumpas

Rick the Bull Riding Cowboy

Georgy as a Soap Box and Sam as a Loufa

Nanda and I mummifying Knopper

JP is the Manager of the Hilton. He is super cool.

Contestants for the Best Costume!

I took Second Place!

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  1. WOW! I want to be a new girl at your work!:) This seems like a fun place to work. Love all the costumes and pumpkins.