Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Provo Falls

Last weekend Shirley took the family on a fun, surprise adventure. We drove for quite some time up through the Uinta’s, where I had never been before. It was super gorgeous, especially because it is almost fall time. The mountains are changing colors like crazy. We ended up at this amazing place called Provo Falls. It's nowhere near Provo but it's the Provo River that is flowing into it. Gorgeous, natural marble stairs were everywhere. The water level was quite low but that made it even more beautiful because you could see more of the stone underneath. There were several waterfalls, each flowing into a small pond which in turn flowed into another small pond.
So we hiked around the falls for a bit, did some yoga, a few meditations, and hopped back in the car. Shirley still had a few surprises up her sleeve.

Next stop was Mirror Lake. Unbelievably gorgeous! First we had a cute little picnic lunch that Shirley packed for us. KFC Chicken, the most delicious potato salad ever, Doritos, and of course, chocolate donuts. We fed a baby chipmunk for a bit, and then decided to walk around the lake. We walked the path that circles the entire lake.

Shara's model shot

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