Monday, September 3, 2012

Cruising with Carnival

First cruise for all three of us. So you could imagine, our expectations were set pretty high. We had our hearts set on 24 hours worth of mouth watering food, lots of sunshine, delicious Mexican tacos, colorful, handmade ponchos, glistening Catalina waters, hilarious entertainers, dancing sequined dresses, and maybe a little bit of nausea. Let me tell you, that is exactly what we got!

Our port was out of Long beach, right next to the Queen Elizabeth. Gorgeous ship
So excited! 
Every night he would be a different animal
Dad's bunk bed

First fancy dinner
On our way to Catalina Island

The Casino Avalon. So gorgeous! 

Inside the Casino Avalon Theater

The ballroom
This lady danced here with her husband 50 years ago. 

Glass bottom boat ride

That gray mess is a ton of fish

Killing some zombies
Dad won 35 dollars from one dollar bill! He was way excited!

Our awesome waiters. They dance and sing! So friendly
Comedy shows were pretty hilarious!

Ensenada was just as we expected. Hot, dirty, and a complete adventure. Since we are all so cheap, we decided to take the local buses out to the blow hole and market. It worked out perfectly in the end but I think some of us may have been a little frightened. I do admit it may have been a little sketchy at some points.  Totally worth it for the stories though. 

Oh tacos. So good!
Mexican Coke is fantastic!

Beautiful little bathroom

The blow hole

I love shopping at markets! I seriously love stopping at every booth, even though they have all the same stuff!

Formal night
Every night we had a three course meal. Super tasty rolls, an appetizer, an entree, dessert, and coffee. We were seriously never hungry anymore. We would just eat because it's there and it's free. 

The deck at night was amazing
Our one complaint was that the hot tubs should be open later. Maybe even 24 hours 

Longest hallways ever! 
Derek got called up to do the Macarena on stage. That's what you get for being a great dancer

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