Friday, September 14, 2012

Andrew Bird behind a fence

We have recently discovered a hidden treasure that we wish we would of found out about sooner. 
People gather on a hill by the Bonneville Shoreline to watch shows at Red Butte Gardens. It's free! Yes, I know it's kind of rude to cheat the system, but if we weren't going to go and pay anyway than it's really no different. Except we get to listen. 

So, a few weeks ago we took Tundra up and sat down on our towel to watch/listen to Andrew Bird. We only had a towel because we were really unprepared. There were a ton of people there, and other dogs for Tundra to play with. Next summer we are going to do this a lot more. Of course it's much better if you can afford to go in, but it's certainly better than nothing. 

Our view of the stage through a fence. Real classy.

There was actually another incident that happened with Derek while we were there. Pretty funny, kind of sad, but unfortunately I'm not going to share. 

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