Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Challenging our Ethnicity

Basically, I have decided to keep a little journal of all the different types of ethnic foods we try, and whether or not we will eat them again. Derek and I made a point to try lots of different types of foods, especially since we live in a city with so many awesome ethnic restaurants. The problem is, we often don't remember where or what we have already tried, and most importantly, whether we liked it or not. 
This will no longer be a problem of ours. 

Sept. 5th 2012

Cedars of Lebanon - Moroccan
First time for both of us. At least that we know of... And that's pretty much how it will be with all of these. 
Funny thing is we didn't actually get Lebanese food. We had two different Moroccan dishes and an Armenian appetizer. We had Lamb Tagine and Chicken Pastilla. They were both really tasty. Derek enjoyed the chicken one more and I kind of like the lamb. It was so tender. We had Lahm Ajeen as an appetizer, which was basically ground lamb and beef with spices and tomatoes spread on flat bread. It was pretty delicious. 

Of course, my favorite part of this restaurant was
the decor. it was covered in my fave colorful rugs
and pillows. We were in this lounge room that was
so cool and comfy. Plus there was a belly dancer to
entertain. such a fun experience. 

Sept. 14th 2012

Pat's Barbecue - Southern Comfort Food
Of course we have both had barbecue before but not exactly a famous place that claims to have the best Southern barbecue in town. Having never been to any of the Southern states, we don't have much to go by. But we will say that we loved it! It was absolutely delicious. Big portions, sloppy, tasty, and perfect. The ribs were so full of meat, the pulled pork was juicy and smoky, the red beans and rice were spicy and great, and Derek said the Brisket was yum. They had three different bbq sauces on the table. All three were amazing. I loved the cornbread even though it would have been so much better warmed up. the only thing that I wouldn't brag about was the potato salad. Now, I am very picky with my potato salad. I either love it or hate. My mom makes the best of course, and everywhere else tastes like store bought. Which is exactly what Pat's tasted like. But that's okay.  
We didn't get to try their Jambalaya, which we heard is terrific. Next time!

There is kind of a funny thing about Pat's. When we drove up, we were very confused and slightly frightened. It is basically in the middle of a dark, creepy, industrial area. Super random. I guess it used to be a tire shop. When you go in, it's a completely different story though. It's huge, and spread out. They have an adorable patio with pretty lights. They have live music playing all the way past their closing time. It's really a great time. We want to go back with a big group. 

He's cute.... 
What's going on with my face??

January 19th 2013

Red Ginger Bistro - Japanese

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