Friday, September 14, 2012

Birthday Suit Boating

Derek walked outside on his birthday morning and found two dollars in the form of airplanes. Now if that's not a good birthday sign, I don't know what is. 

So this year for Derek's birthday I didn't really go all out like I usually do. I'm not proud of myself, but we were just real busy this time. We still did something pretty fun though. At least I thought it was.

 We drove out to Jordanelle and rented a little fishing boat. I made a cute little picnic lunch and dessert. It was originally supposed to be the Great Salt Lake Marina, which would correlate with a scavenger hunt we didn't finish earlier in the year. Unfortunately the rental people were out of town so I had to find another marina. 

I made this Firecracker mix that Derek fell in love with. He ate way to much of it. 
For the main course I made Chinese Cabbage Salad. It's so much better than it sounds. 
Tiny gifts. I just got him this cool, handmade from recycled materials, toilettree bag. He really needed one. Plus an amazing chocolate bar! So good!

And then we jumped in the water...

I missed his jump. Stupid delay.

It wasn't warm...

Did I mention we were in our Birthday suits....

That's me jumping in.

Luckily we were the only people on the lake. We honestly had the whole place to ourselves. It was neat. 

I made Summer Egg Nog Popsicles for dessert!

Fall colors and duckies
We napped on the beach after. 
Derek got a tummy ache from too many firecrackers. 

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  1. Those pictures of your reflections are so cool. Love it!