Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Remembrance

It's a hard time when you realize that all of your childhood pets are no longer beside you. I guess I'm just at that age, but it's still hard to deal with the fact that they just don't live as long as we do. The thing I keep telling myself, and my dad, is that it was their time. And it really was. All three of these family members certainly lived long happy lives.

This song puts everything into perspective

Charity Smith is our most recent loss. She was my dad's partner in life, and second favorite daughter. We got her about ten years ago, from this neighborhood that found her wounded on the side of the road. She had been hit by a car and broke her leg, so the entire neighborhood pithced in to fix it. Hence the name Charity. She went through her stages of chewing on extension cords and barking all hours of the night, but the truth is... we couldn't have asked for a better addition to the family.

Coco was my first baby. My dad took me to the animal shelter on my twelfth birthday, and let me pick out a pet. I chose Coco because she was so beautiful. I know, I was kind of a weird kid. Who doesn't pick a kitten? She was a bit of a chicken at first but when we were alone she was always out doing something annoying. She used to sit directly on top of my pictures while I was scrap booking, even though the rest of the room was wide open. And at night she would sleep right on my head no matter how many times I would push her to the foot of the bed. My mom took care of her the last few years while I was in Utah. She loved my mom! The second my mom would sit on the couch, Coco was right on her chest staring at her. I miss her cute face.

Kira was the Jensen family kitty. They got her and her brother Mojo as kittens when Derek was about 11. Mojo was involved in a tragic accident but Kira quickly became part of the family. She was a very petite cat, (I think Coco could of eaten her) but she rocked at hunting birds and mice. The funniest thing about her was that she drooled just like a dog. Derek would hold her like a baby and she would rub her face on his ear. It was the cutest thing, except that Derek was kind of allergic, and would break out. Everyone loved sleeping with her cause she was such a good cuddler, but I was a little paranoid after this one incident. She was sleeping right next to me one night and she just bit my nose. Of course, I wake up and she is right in my face just staring at me. Never been more creeped out by an animal. Pretty funny. We'll just say she was dreaming.

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