Saturday, April 2, 2011

Click, Click, Click, Click Camera!

We had just got home from watching the King's Speech at Thanksgiving Point last night, and Derek hands me a small present. He says, "Don't get excited its nothing big, I got it for free anyway." So I open it, and it's a memory card for a camera. I look at him slightly confused and say, "Thanks" He goes on to explain that this one holds much more pictures and can handle a higher resolution picture. Still wondering why he felt the need to wrap this and claim it be a gift for me, I again say, "Cool, Thanks." Then as we walk into the bedroom he places another gift on the bed and smiles. Even more confused now, I open this one. It's a super cool, safari looking bag/tote, thing. I possibly should have caught on by now considering all the blabbing I have been doing about wanting a good camera, and learning photography. But I was still clueless.
Finally, Derek puts one more present on the bed. At this point I'm done with the cautious, confused looks and I've moved onto excited and jumping around, cause lets face it... Presents are great! Especially without a special occasion. So I open this one, and it's a brand new, fancy, Nikon camera. It's Beautiful!! And I have no clue how to use it.

Justification for the large expenditure: Derek and I just received that wonderful thing called tax returns. We planned on using it toward our Europe trip this summer, but since taking great pictures in Europe is definitely a priority, he thought it would work the same. I agreed. Also my birthday is in June, and Derek said he planned on getting it for my birthday but decided it would be better for me to learn how to use it before Europe. I agreed again. Justified!

Did I mention how excited I am and how much I love Derek Donald Jensen?? So excited that I read through the entire manual today. I don't think I've ever done that, with anything! Oh, and so much that I could eat his face like a delicious brownie fudge sunday!

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