Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Point

At the moment, I work at this awesome event center called Thanksgiving Point. It is a non-profit organization with a Dinosaur Museum, a Farm, a Movie Theater, a Golf Course, and the most beautiful Gardens and Waterfall.
Today I was reminded how truly lucky I am to work for a company with such a great purpose. I really love working for them, and I honestly feel that they make a huge difference in peoples lives. The cool think about Thanksgiving Point is that its not only a fun place to come for entertainment and shopping, but its mostly a learning experience for everyone. Everything fun is also teaching you something. I think that they should become a chain.
They are in the process of building this new exhibit called the Museum of Natural Curiosity. It's going to be so awesome! I am way excited. It's supposed to have three main areas: The Rainforest - where people can climb and explore while learning all the different aspects of a real rainforest. Waterworks - where people can play and get soaked while learning all about weather. Kidopolis - this will be like a miniature town where kids can explore several different careers and learn about the real world.

So many fun Events....

Ya Ya Sisterhood Party

The reenactment of the First Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

We went during the Tulip Festival

Worlds largest man-made Waterfall

These are just a few of things that Derek and I have gone too. There is always something fun going on at Thanksgiving Point.

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