Saturday, March 19, 2011

Carpe Diem!

Here it is... the list of things that will make my life feel more lived. I've been thinking about writing a bucket list for sometime now but I just never got around to it. There is one thing that concerns me about having a bucket list though. It seems as though you can never finish writing it. The second I think that I am finished I just think of something else to write down. So instead of aiming to do all of these things before I kick the bucket, I am aiming to do them before I feel old. That way, when I'm old I can do all of the things that I planned on adding to the list.

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Get my Parents out of the Country
Visit the Taj Mahal
Speak fluent French
Humanitarian Project
Own a Parrot
Adopt a Third World Child
Masquerade Ball

Visit India

Learn Photography - Got a fancy camera!
Go to Ringling Bros B&B Circus - Went to one ring. Disappointment.
Own a Sting Ray
Feel like a Real Hippy for a Day or two
(Maybe Burning Man)
Be an Animal Trainer
Ride an Elephant
Certified Scuba Diver -
Done! Anniversary gift from Der!
See Carly Simon in concert
10 References on Couch Surfers - Done! -13
Be a Flight Attendant
Visit a bar in a Baobab Tree 
Visit Spain - Done
Sky Diving - Done! Moab, Canyonlands with Der and Kris
Go to Coachella
Visit 30 different Countries - 13 (United States, Brazil, Peru, Belize, Spain, Guatemala, Switzerland, England, Italy, France, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico)
Learn an Instrument
Go to Universal Studios

Learn to Change a Tire
Skinny Dip - Done! B-day Boating
Own a Saint Bernard
Go to ElectricDaisyCarnival

One Night Stand
Horseback Ride on the Beach
Go Cave Diving
Ride a CAMEL in a Middle Eastern Country
Do something that scares you
Take a First Class flight
Read a few Great-American Novels
Develop "your" Signature Dish 
Be an Event Planner - Almost there! Executive Meeting Manager, Marriott
    Visit all 7 Continents3 (Europe, North America, South America)


  1. Are we the same person?

  2. Ha ha! I hope we are cause that would make me so much cooler than i thought i was.