Friday, March 25, 2011

Together Again

This being the first time that all of us have been together for a holiday in over 9 years, I find it worthy of a blog entry, regardless of the fact that it is about three months after the fact.

Christmas, this past year, was one of the most extraordinary. Usually I have to choose whether to spend Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family, but this time I got to come down for both. Even better than this, is the fact that I got to bring my husband with me, who has never spent the holidays with my family. The best part about all of this is that the entire family came up to my mom's house this year. Usually Jess will spend most of the time at her dad's house, and I end up missing her but this time she came, and brought her hubby.

The most exciting thing about this Christmas was that my brother Noah, who I have not spent time with in a really long time, came up for the whole day. We all walked around Idywild and hung out at my mom's house eating homemade chili.

Another special addition to this holiday season was my little nephew, Tyler. He was here last year but much more fun and active this time.

Derek being there made everything so much more special for me. He got to meet Noah, and spend time with Tyler and Jess. It almost felt like somehow adding Derek to the family made everything else come together. But im sure it was just the timing, and im being super cheesy.

These three are so cute together. It's adorable!

Men and their chili.

Bear is such a big softy. He likes playing with Tyler more then anyone.

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