Wednesday, March 16, 2011

UCSB vs U of U

Its finally here... Derek is about to graduate. Acheiving the impossible for many (us math haters), a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Math. We are so proud. But as we never suspect... the second a difficult thing has ended we are faced with another equally challenging task.

Where to go to grad school??

Which will possibly be where we will be spending the next 3-5 years of our lives.

Our choices:

The University of Utah, which he has already been accepted to
University of Santa Barbara California, which we are anxiously awaiting reply

As my dad will remember, Santa Barbara is the only place i wanted to go to college. That is right up until a couple months before high school graduation, when i realized that it was much less scary to go with a friend to school. And that is how i ended up in Utah with Natasha.

Needless to say.... we are really hoping for a positive answer from UCSB. We would love to experience life somewhere besides Utah for a while. Plus we would be able to visit my family for a change.

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