Sunday, October 6, 2013

SLC Undie Run

For a couple years now
I have seen the SLC Undie Run going on
and always wondered what it was about. 
So this year,
I looked it up and decided to join in the fun!
Basically it is about raising awareness for Utah laws that you would like to see change.
You can donate clothing and write on yourself and your friends
the organizations you support
before heading out on the road in your skivvies

With a couple girls at my side, 
and a little liquid courage,
we headed over to the TRAX station 
and rode down to Library Square

Nanda and I found this picture on the KSL website! We're famous! :)

We left library square 
and headed up the street to the Capital Building 

All in all, it was a really fun experience.
We met some really fun people who stand for really important things...

K, maybe not this girl.... ha!

And then we grabbed some food 
and went dancing for a bit at the Green Pig

* Equal rights *

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