Friday, October 18, 2013

Kris & Kris Lunch date Anniversary with Xtra cheese please!

Exactly one year ago,
Team Kris and Kris went on their first "working girls" lunch date!
So we decided to celebrate our Friendaversary (there's your extra cheese)
by getting sushi. 

We originally got sushi at  Ahh Sushi
but we decided to mix things up and try something new
It is so gorgeous inside,
and they have amazing rolls. 

Since that year ago, 
when we first set out to conquer
the best of the best of Salt Lake City lunch spots,
we have hit nearly everything (worth anything) within walking distance to either of our places of work. 
Which is a lot.
We are right in the center of the city. 
We are proud....
but we still have some work to do. 

PS - I would just like to add that I am so proud of us in how much we have grown as lovers of sushi. When we first met, both of us were like... "umm, basically the Vegas roll.. always! love it"... well yes, the Vegas is fantastic.. but now we have so many others that we love.. and we don't always stick to tempura. We have branched out! Yay us!

Flash back to Ahh Sushi: 

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