Friday, October 25, 2013

Toy Bombs and the twins

Drove to Provo for 
another brilliant show!
Toy Bombs you never let us down.

Team Kris and Kris accidentally dressed like twins.
Same name, same shirt
get over it. 

After the show
we headed over to the one and only
City Limits!
Our favorite

Derek danced for us... :)
 Kris and I decided to clean out their supply of jello shots.
They were tasty

We laughed at this Oompa Loompa forever... not sure why... 

On the way home...
we obviously couldn't pass by Derek's old stomping grounds... 
I am not going to lie to you,
I was actually worried that Der may die from over consumption...
I mean Derek can always put it back,
but he really out did himself this time. 
I think Kris was frightened... or maybe a little mortified.. ha!


  1. Note to self...always wear an undershirt ;)

  2. Ha ha! I think i just saw what you're talking about.... No worries it was dark :)