Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I love Cusco.

Such a quaint city
Very touristy, but in a way that doesn't hinder it's individuality
Cobblestone roads, colorful markets, stray puppies and baby llamas
Locals dance in the street at night
and wear more colors at once than we wear all month

We stayed in a an adorable little place
with two rooms and a shared bathroom 
You crawl up a steep wooden ladder to enter. 
It was perfect

Christ Statue through the skylight
Back entry to our place
View from our porch

I don't think they like us. And they make you pay to take a pic with them. It was so hard for me to not touch the llamas all the time. 
Pictures of people taking pictures

Coca Tea for altitude sickness
Just a really large water bottle

Just my favorite thing about South America. Jugo!
Yes, that is a baby goat with flowers on it's head.
Yes, I did have to run from these ladies immediately after taking this photo.
I am such a desperate coward.
Yes, Derek and I eventually came up with a genius scheme for getting photos.
Much better than the previous snap and run method. 

Drinks of the trip: Inca Cola and Cerveza
Cute restaurant where we had the dish that Peru is famous for..
Yes, I did eat it.
Yes, it was rubbery
and yes, it was definitely lacking in the "edible" meat area
No, I did not plan on taking a bite out of it's face
After eating Guinea Pig brain

Best thing ever!
After a very successful market shopping trip.... alone.
Traveling with boys.

Jamie with his fancy llama meat.
Yes, I did try it.
Yes, I felt a little bad about it... but no, not bad enough to stop eating it. 

Cusco by night 
is absolutely gorgeous

Cusco by morning is also
quite gorgeous

We had just a brief moment to stop in the church on our way out of town

For being just a quick stopping point on the way to the Inca Trail
Cusco turned out to be one of my favorite places visited in South America

April 17th

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