Thursday, April 4, 2013


It has become somewhat of a tradition with Derek and I, to go up to Park City during the Ski Competitions every winter. Last year we went during the Mogul competitions. Those are really fun to watch. They terrify me, of course. But most things involving skiing do that, so no surprise there. 
This year we went during the Aerials. We were late so we only caught the last two jumps, but those are super neat to watch. We didn't stay too long because it's freezing up there, but we did have a blast sliding down the hill on our feet.

After we walked over to the St. Regis Deer Valley Resort, and took the tram up. Another part of the tradition. We are not the only ones with this idea. It is always jam packed. Being the awesome adventurers that we are, we decided to take a dip in the hot tub. Unfortunately we did not have our suits... but that didn't stop us. We stripped down to our undies, and hopped in with two dudes from Portugal and 3 snobby, Russian girls. It was a good time. We met up with Devin and Candace at the restaurant after.

Before we left, Cole had to use the "Port o Potty". So Devin decided to park the car in front of the door. It was funny for a minute... until his skinny ass slipped out.

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