Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Lima of Peru

In keeping with the Derek and Kristen traveling tradition..
Here is our before "South America Adventure" shot

Waiting in line..
we looked down.. and saw LIMA!
It's a sign. 

Just a measly 10 hours in the air,
a short stop in LA
and a crazy 45 minute taxi ride later,
we had arrived at the El Pardo Hilton Double Tree in Lima, Peru

Finally seeing some of my travel benefits from working at Hilton. 
The next morning,
we slept in... very late
and then headed out to explore.

First thing on the list...
Actually a really delicious sandwich. Surprising since we can barely order. Fun sauces, and the most amazing Jugo (juice) ever!! I could live on South American Juice!

We visited the Pachacamac archaeological site 
that was built c. 800-1450 CE, 
shortly before the arrival and conquest by the Inca Empire.

It is made entirely out of clay 
and houses the giant pyramids of the sun and moon.

These statues were made to be the actual size of the Peruvians that built the temple.
They are very small. Very very small.

The Peruvian Hairless Dog
not the cutest guy on the planet,
but they were pretty sweet and really funny to look at.

Oh, Llamas 
How I love you!
Best thing about Peru... Llamas everywhere! 

Ancient Tombs..
The next plan
was to come up with a plan.

They discuss, GPS, Google, pointing directions, and strategize...
While I take pictures of pretty buildings.

and pretty VW's

Plaza San Martin 
which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1988 

The narrow streets of Peru
The famous Pisco Sour
Hey! There are two Jaime's! What?!

The exhausted tourists
take a taxi back to the hotel.

Later that night,
we took a walk down some adorable streets
and had a fabulous Peruvian dinner

   Pisco Sours to start with
We had to try the official drink of Peru

Probably my two favorite Peruvian dishes
Beef Saltado and Ceviche!

As usual
Derek had to show off and eat a spicy pepper of some sort.
Although this time he underestimated his brothers spice tolerance,
and sort of embarrassed himself.

The many faces...
of a man who.. 

knows he went too far.. 
but refuses to hold the shame of the loser.

Oh, that's just a necklace burn line. Pretty cool, I thought :) 
Park in the center of the city
Hanging out at the lounge in the Hilton...
Watching the cool people eat their fancy dinner while men in robes dance.. 

Our second day in Lima
we went to the beach.
It's not the sort of beach day
that would usually come to mind.
It's more like this...

Quiet and foggy,
mellow and muted.
Different but nothing less than 
the busy and vibrant beaches of California

Yes, I am aware of the picture overload that just occurred
but I do feel that it was absolutely necessary.
Helps you feel like you were there....

Let the overload continue!

South American snacks to hold us over until lunch.
Inca Cola, interesting. 
Didn't exactly live up to it's rep, but still yummy
Cua Cua Minis, delicious!

Apparently people surf in Peru, regardless of  the weather. 

Cobblestone roads... 
Strange sculpture... but I kind of like it :) 

Larcomar shopping Center
 in the Miraflores District,
completely on a cliff overlooking the ocean!

Eating lunch on a deck 
with the best view ever.

Word of advice...
Don't let Derek try to order in Spanish.
You will always get double, if not triple what you ordered.
Portuguese, yes.
Spanish, not so much

After our all day walk around the coast
we had a super "authentic Peruvian dinner" 
that I am too ashamed to speak of.
Please don't judge us... sometimes you just need a little bit of home when you are traveling
We love stray kitties.

"You are here and now"

April 14th

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