Friday, April 5, 2013

Velour vs City Limits

Back in January, a group of us crazy kids drove down to Provo to see Toy Bombs play at Velour. Small side story: I literally almost peed my pants on the way. Seriously almost cried. Funny stuff, but not really. We arrived a little early so we stopped in at this dive bar (one of 3 bars in Provo) to kill a little time before Toy Bombs came on. So, we walk in, and every soul in the place stops to stare us down as we walk in... no joke! It was just like something out of an old Western. It was like all the towns’ people own this place and we outsiders. So crazy. Anyway, we continue to the back and sit down alone. Next thing we know, there are two bums swarming us. I use that word, because it really felt like we were being swarmed by seagulls or something. They would not leave us alone... so we just left. Not a great experience.

We get to Velour and, little did I know that it was the 7th Anniversary show, and it was Sold Out. Luckily we are friends with the band, (yah, we're cool like that) and had tickets waiting for us.
We danced, we sang, we jumped around, and had a grand time.

Surprisingly enough, we decided to head back to the aforementioned "City Limits" after the show. Apparently we just didn't have enough fun last time...
Well, we were right! Turned out to be a night to remember. That's for sure!
Girl got fringe problems

We had the whole place to ourselves and did kareoke until we could no longer speak!
These four below really blew us away with the best version of Backstreet Boys - "I want it that way" that I have ever heard.

Challenging the Backstreet Boys... next up was, The Spice Girls - "If you want to be my lover"! I don't know about the vocals, (we were mostly just yelling, ha ha) but we sure put on a great show.

Following the spicy girls... Jerilyn serioulsy thugged it out with some Eminem.. joined by Adri. This was awesome. As you can see in the picture... these girls weren't messing around. They knew their stuff. Slim would have been proud.

The party did not stop here....

We were serenaded by Cole and Brandon one last time, we were entertained by Kyle (drunkest I have ever seen a man) and his battle rapping with the other people on stage, and we ended with a classic duet by Cole and Chelsea (which turned into all of us) of Sheryl Crow - "If it makes you happy"

I actually have videos to most of these... I will post later.
Hilarious end to a great night

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