Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whole Foods & Taco Stands

Derek and I live, literally, 1 block from Trolley Square, where there is now a Whole Foods. We obviously love whole foods, but cannot afford to shop there yet. It's somewhat of a future "when we are less poor" goal. So our "now" option was to eat lunch there, because everyone always talks about how cool there little dining area is. Well, we finally did it. 

Derek obviously got a burrito, and I obviously got pizza. We're not predictable at all.

Hmm... I think he may be waiting for something to  fall off the table

One of Derek's favorite summer traditions is walking to the little taco stands that are all over the street corners in Salt Lake. So we did that with our new downtown neighbors, Devin & Candace. So excited that they live near us! We shared a giant burrito. Muy delicioso!

Looks like someone may of overdone the hot sauce
or loaded too many jalapenos. 


  1. I totally love your hair! How do you do that!?! From all different posts looks like you guys are having lots of fun!

  2. Oh thank you! Do you mean the color or the wave? I have a melt. But I just use the flat iron to give it loose waves. It always looks better the next day.