Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ideen from DC

The Couch Surfing stories continue....

Last weekend we had Ideen from DC stay with us for a couple days. He has basically been on this awesome journey of self discovery for months now. He was working at some business firm in DC, making good money, just saving and saving for a beautiful home. One day he decided that he was too young, and life is too short to do the same thing every day and not experience more out of life than work and money. So he packed up his stuff and moved to Mexico for a month. Since then he has done survival camps and silent meditation retreats, lived in Yoga retreat communities, and met so many amazing people from all over through traveling and couch surfing. He is also a certified sky diver, so we hope to get the chance to go with him sometime. He has unbelievable stories and incredible knowledge to share. I cannot even begin to express the awesomeness that is Ideen. We loved hanging out with him just talking about anything and everything. 

Discussing politics and such with Derek

Ideen treated us to Thai Siam's 
Driving to Provo for Ideen's big send off

 The whole reason Ideen came to Utah was for this 28 day Survival Training Program that takes place in Boulder, Utah. He just spent a couple days hanging with Couch Surfers in Salt Lake first. So Saturday morning we drove him to the Days Inn hotel in Provo. We said our goodbyes and good lucks. Now Ideen is somewhere out in the middle of nowhere with only a tiny wool blanket that doubles as a back pack. Probably exhausted, sweating, starving, freezing, and wishing he had some Thai Siam's and a giant television.
Not really. I'm sure he is so strong and happy he made the choice to experience something so unique and incredible.
Hopefully we will get to hang out when he comes back through Salt Lake after his training.

Missed Derek but got the pup!

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