Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Damn Family

Please excuse the profanity above. Derek really loves using the whole "Famn Damily" thingy, and the other day he thought it would just be so clever to switch it back. Funny. 
Yah, so anyway, I decided to go with it.

Last weekend, Jim, Krissa, and the girls came down from Idaho to visit for about a week. They stayed at Derek's parent's house in Sandy, so we decided to stay up there for a couple days as well. We celebrated mine, Jim's, and Kailynn's birthdays while they were here. Shirley got a delicious cookies & cream ice cream cake from Cold Stone. So yum! We opened gifts and played games with the girlies. It was a lot of fun. 

Look at Kailynn with her cute Panda mask/birthday card.
The girls giving Tundra some love

Later that night, "the grown-up kids" went up the canyon to build a fire. We all hung out and talked around the fire. Oh, and there also may have been a bit of fire dancing involved. 

Ha ha! Good times with Greg! I want Nugs!

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