Monday, June 4, 2012

We brought China to us

Saturday was quite the culture fest for Derek and I. Not only did we go to the Gay Pride Festival, we had 4 students from China stay at our place. 

It started out being 3 students, which would already make our place pretty crowded, but they needed to add another person last minute. Sounded like a party to me.

They were all from different places in China, which we had them pin on our map. Three of them were going to school at Cal Poly studying Business and the other was in New York studying psychology. They all met up with each other to do this road trip across the United States.  They were headed to Yellowstone after SLC and then off to Crater Lake in Oregon. Their goal was to not sleep on a bed for the whole trip. They were surfing in some places and mostly camping. 

Heidi wanted to smuggle Tundra 

Frank and Vanessa
Heidi - She told me she chose her name because of this 1030's Swiss film called Heidi that she loves. 

Elwin - He is an amazing photographer. We saw a lot of his pictures from Bryce Canyon

Did I mention that they LOVED Tundra!!

People always take blurry photos. We need to stop being too chicken to ask them to take another one.

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