Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finders Keepers

I started this series of "Finders Keepers" blogs quite some time ago, but apparently I super suck at keeping up to date on it. The funny thing is that I have so many awesome things that I could post, since all I ever do is thrift shop for treasures. So hopefully this is the start of my commitment to documenting those treasures. 

This post is mainly to show off this stellar record player I found at the DI a couple months ago. At first I thought it was just a really cool shelf of sorts. I already wanted it! Then when I look a little closer, I found out that it was a record player. Sold! I knew nothing else, the price tag said $150.00, and I was flagging down some dude to write my name on that sold tag. He goes on to tell me that earlier that day, they were in the back playing it, and it sounded great. In shock, I ask, "It works?!" He replies, "Yah", like no biggy. 
I almost peed my pants. 

Here she is.... right next to one of my older DI finds. Mustard ottoman and I have to stick together because we're pretty sure Derek has been plotting against us for years. 

Yep, it's Mitchell. And that little bulb at the bottom lights up. Love it!

Plays 3 different record sizes and the AM/FM works as well. 

I've also found a couple other tidbits recently. 

Kind of fell in love with this little treasure. That's the Hindu God, Shiva, in the middle.

As you may already know, I kind of enjoy Carly Simon. Okay that's a bit of an understatement.  Anyway, I found this album the other day. It is Carly and her sister singing together. Before Carly was even super famous. The funny thing is that Carly doesn't even seem like the lead singer on this album. Who knew?

Lastly, I bought Derek this little guy the other day, because he has been bugging me for a jalapeno tree for some time. 
So far he seems to be living just fine. He is a serious cry baby though. If I let his soil get dry for like a minute, he totally wilts like he is dead. The first day we had him, we left for a few hours and came back to this shriveled plant. We gave him water and in two minutes he was perfect again. Funny.

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