Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goodbye Provo

Moving out of our first apartment together. One of those bittersweet moments that you just don't see coming until it's almost over. Too busy packing, planning for summer, and studying for finals to stop and enjoy our last few days. Honestly, we've kind of been waiting for this day to come. The day that we wave goodbye to Provo once and for all (except for visiting friends of course). Don't get me wrong, we've definetly had some fun in good ol' P town but we're ready to move on. Not super far unfortunatly, but in my eyes Salt Lake is a huge step up.
The morning we moved out was also the morning of Derek's graduation, so it was a little chaotic. After the graduation we had to come back to pick up the rest of our stuff and drop off the key. It wasn't until then, at the last moment that the nostalgia started to kick in. Of course, Derek was way worse than me. That big baby gets sad everytime we leave an apartment regardless of whether or not we enjoyed living there. But this time it just seemed so much more significant. So much more final.

 Provo will not be missed but the good times will be.... Cade, I'm sure derek will someday miss your snoring and inability to turn off the alarm in the morning. Thats what best friends are for right. I know I will miss your guy's ridiculous arguments, which of course you two can still accomplish, just not as often. Oh and I can't forget to mention the sweet sound of your piano traveling through the floor. Matty, tennis was fun but nothing beats making fun of you and your diabetic pager. Tasha, we will miss your version of Barry's Bootcamp and the smell of turkey bacon. Eddie, thanks for Boo, Hot Rod, and the most entertaining outfits! (Dain, your included in that last one) Sean, you always cured our bordem with your never ending knowledge of awesome youtube videos and your incessant need for late night 7-Eleven runs. Jemma, definetly the most amazing mexican dinners. Dom, your rendition of Celine Dion's "It's all coming back to me now" still replays in my head. Dane, thanks for the horrifyingly awesome ride in your super fast car. Joey, Derek would'nt have made it without you. Jed, you should create a blog for all of your crazy conspiracy theories. Joe, we'll let you call yourself the ping pong champion for now but the real championship game is to come.Wade (if anyone remembers him), will you, for the love of god, put a freaking shirt on!

Below is our documented sadness

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