Thursday, May 23, 2013


Deer Tick is pretty bad ass.
End of story.

But I guess I'll tell more of the story anyway...

Derek LOVES Deer Tick.
Being that summer is coming...
I have been really into concerts lately.
So when i discovered that Deer Tick was coming to Urban Lounge
I bought the tickets immedeatly.
Then I decided to surprise Derek.
Because that is what I do.
I love surprising people!

Max Pain and the Groovies opened for Deer Tick. Not much to say about them. Nothing too special.
Awesome band name though.

One thing I have finally learned about Urban Lounge.
They are always, always behind schedule.
I know... all venues are behind, and bands never come on when they are supposed to...
But Urban is the worst.

We got there on time, at 9pm...
Because I hadn't quite figured out the Urban schedule yet.
Deer Tick did not come on untill11:30pm.
We had a lot of time to chat.
Which actually turned out to be perfect considering our given situation.

Quality is pretty poor, but you can still hear...

Funny little story...
Not only did they come out 2 hours late..
They were missing their drummer.
Apparently, he had a personal thing.

Deer Tick minus drummer
still kicks ass!

 Thank you, come again.

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