Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Musts

Thanks to a friend whose blog I sometimes read, Derek and I have decided to start a new tradition. Every summer we will create a Bucket List and make a point to do each of them before it gets cold. I won't put a serious expiration date on it cause that's just no fun. Then I'll replace each of these with a picture of us after we complete the event. Hopefully we can get them all. I am so excited!

Summer 2012 Bucket List

Timpanogos Cave
Have a BBQ at Liberty Park

Twilight Concert Series
Go to Six Flags
Go to Hot Pots
Make Sun Tea like Mom's

Carnival Cruise

Day time Skinny Dipping at Jordanelle

Town Days: Riverton Carnival
Go to a Rodeo
Capital Movie night: Muppets
Camping at the Grand Canyon
Our European Adventure Scavenger Hunt
The Da' Vinci Museum (Green Screen Exhibit)
Bring a Meal to the Homeless

Utah State Fair
 Star gazing at Ensign Peak
 Utah Pride Festival
Have a YES Day

Sleep somewhere Random: 
Funny thing about this.
 It happened in Dugway, which is a military base. 
No pictures allowed. 

Dance in the Street
California Trip
Watch the Sunrise
Go to Tracy Aviary
Buy Coffee for a Stranger
Do Karaoke
Jump into a Pool Fully Clothed
Camp with Occupy Salt Lake

Speed at the UMFH
 Natural History Museum

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