Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Minute Surfer

Just before Memorial weekend we received a request from Nate and his adorable pup, Panda. He had just been hired to be a field mentor at a wilderness therapy program in Huntington, Utah and he was looking for a ride share to get back to Portland, Maine to visit with his family before moving back here. 
I told him he could crash on our couch but we wouldn't be home till quite late because we were in Sandy. So we planned on calling him, until he text that he finally found someone. So we spent the weekend up in Sandy, Me at work, and Derek hiking with Cole. Then, yesterday while at work I got a text from him saying he had no luck finding a ride yet so he would like to stay with us. Again I had to say the same thing because we were going to Brady's Surprise B-Day Party in American Fork. 
He said that would be just fine because he would be sleeping under a tree otherwise. Apparently he was having trouble finding hosts that were okay with pets.  


 Unfortunately Derek and I both had to leave early this morning for work and Dugway, so we did not get to spend any time with Nate and Panda. And to make matters worse I had to leave them hanging on the door step today with nothing to do and nowhere to go. I told him to check out Liberty Park, so hopefully he will do that. Nate had been to Burning Man twice and highly recommended it to us. I have been wanting to go for sometime but Derek on the other hand is quite leery about the whole thing. So maybe the next time we see Nate it will be on our way to a crazy adventure.

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