Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dominique and Simon

Last weekend we had a really cute couple from Quebec stay at our place. Dominique and Simon are the first Couch Surfers to stay at our new place. I was so excited o finally change our couch status to "Yes" since it had been no for so long. Dominique was in town for a conference with her work and Simon tagged along for the experience. So he wandered around Salt Lake for days getting very sun burnt while Dominique listened to lectures all day. On there way here they stopped and saw all of the parks. I don't know how they did it all in such a short time, but they visited Moab, Zions, and Bryce Canyon in like two days. Her conference was over on Friday so they came over and made us a super dinner of coco chicken with mushrooms. So yum! 

Dominique cooking in our kitchen

We talked a lot about Canada, politics, language, and Tundra, ha ha. He is hard to ignore. 

After dinner we went to Gourmandies, my favorite bakery in Salt Lake, and got some pastries. They were super worn out, so they crashed on the couch while Derek and I caught up on Breaking Bad on the lap top. 

Saturday morning I got up and made some pancakes and eggs for breakfast. We walked Tundra to Liberty Park while Derek went to the gym. There happened to be a United Salt Lake festival going on so we walked around that for a while. Then we all went up to this awesome dog park by Hogle Zoo and watched tundra destroy himself. He has never been more dirty. And he had to ride in the car with all four of us. Not the smartest thing Der and I have done. 

Then we walked a little of the Bonneville Shoreline to show them a small view of the city. Of course we took them to Cafe Rio for lunch. Can't come to Salt Lake and miss Cafe Rio. They loved it! Sadly, I had to go to work after that. Stupid night shift. 
So Derek took them around to see all the city sites that Simon had already seen. They spent a lot of time at the Family History Museum, and saw the library, temple Square, and City Creek Mall. 

On top of the Conference Center
Later that night, when I got home, we went to the Bayou for dinner. Their food is amazing and they have live music. Fun place! We talked about how ridiculous American portion sizes are, and made fun of Derek as he munched it all down. 

Derek took them to the airport super early Sunday morning. We loved hosting them, and hope someday we can go to Quebec to stay with them. 

Random tidbit: I am actually helping one of our other couch surfers from way back with his graduation project. He is a photography student and is doing this really cool final project called Land Studies. He sends out his pictures to all these different people around the world and they choose what they want to do with his pictures, they document it, and send him a picture of their decision. Not sure what he plans on doing with the outcome, but it should be neat. 
This is my documentation. I chose three to keep and gave the rest to Dominique. His final project outcome will be posted at:

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