Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gettin' Our Natural History On

Sunday has rapidly become Derek and I's favorite day of the week. Especially now that we live in Salt Lake. It's the day that we do all the fun things we always talk about doing but never have the time. Sunday is often the only day Derek and I have off together so now we plan fun SLC things that we have been talking about for weeks. This week was the Natural History Museum up by the UofU. 

We brought Tundra and walked around the Bonneville shoreline for a bit first, and decided that we are going to watch Andrew Bird from the hill for free because we can't afford Red Butte Gardens. 

I seriously don't know why the face.....

The museum is actually pretty huge and awesome. It covered different stuff than the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point, which I didn't think it would be able to pull off.

Of course Derek's favorite part was the Early Humans section. He's right though, it is really fun to read about that them. Although I prefer looking at all of the pretty jewelry and baskets that they make.

Derek found this amusing

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