Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Star Gazing Extravaganza

Last Monday I came home to a very sweet surprise. I was expecting a normal, go to the gym, watch Breaking Bad, kind of Monday night. Instead Derek greeted me at the door with beautiful Tulips and asked me if I would go out with him. Of course I said yes! So Derek made me watch Bones on my phone in the bathroom while he shuffled around doing mysterious things in the main room. Finally he was ready to go with a pack on his back and Tundra on the leash. 

We hopped in the car and headed up towards the Capitol Building. When we reached our destination we were at Ensign Park, which is a very special place for Derek and I . When we first started dating we used to go there to stargaze with Tash and Felipe. Then, three years later, Derek purposed there. This was the first time we had been there since our engagement. 

Derek opened up his pack and pulled out blankets, a bottle of wine, fancy cheese, strawberries, a loaf of bread, Swiss chocolate, and hummus. We had a romantic little European adventure. Just sitting in the grass with our treats and hanging out reminded me so much of Paris. I want to live their so bad.
For now I will just have to make do with our little version of Europe.

One summer bucket list item down!

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