Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vegas and the Baby

Vegas is always a good time. I mean that is the sole purpose of Vegas Right? To give people a good time... whatever that may be to you.

Well this particular time, Vegas was an especially good time for us. We have officially defied the laws of "Vegas" physics.  Not everything stays in Vegas. That's right. We stole some of the Vegas fun and took it home with us. His name is Tundra, aka Tuns of fun. Thanks Derek for that superb nickname.

Obviously our reason for going to Vegas was for Tundra but of course we decided to make a fun weekend out of it. Cole came with, and we met up with his adorable friend Tina at our awesome hotel, The Rio. Actually the only thing that makes this hotel awesome is the insane buffet, but of course we didn't go there cause Derek and Cole are a couple of skinny women. Instead we went to some Hawaiian knock off version of hooters. Entertaining for sure.

Our last night there we went to some Bunk House Saloon to watch our friend Brandon's band, Toy Bombs. Yah, super coincidence that they happened to be coming to Vegas that weekend.

We woke up that morning and went to the famous Hash House a go go. If you have not been here, go! It's amazing. Everything is huge and delicious. Cole always gets "Andy's Sage Fired Chicken" which was made famous by "Man vs Food" And I got the biggest pancake you've ever seen. So yum!

About ready to bust from over consumption, we headed to pick up our little baby Tundra.

He was a complete angel the entire way home. We stopped a few times to let him pee but I think he was too nervous. He just took turns cuddling with each of us, until we got to Cole's house and he hopped out and peed. I couldn't believe it. It was like he was already potty trained. 

We love his guts!!

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