Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Quiet

This is my little tribute to the ever so often hated and unappreciated... snow. 
Ever since I moved to Utah I began to love the snow. Now, don't get me wrong, I hate the cold. But snow is different. It's often warmer when it's snowing, than it is on a clear day, and you have to admit it's much better than rain. 
Snow brings such a peaceful quiet over what are often the noisiest and busy places. When it falls slowly, covering every branch of a tree and outlining anything in its path, you almost feel like you're not in the same world anymore. I apologize to you snow, for often being angry with you for putting a slight damper on my day. I should be thanking you for keeping my life fun and exciting by making my front door step seem like a dream out of someone’s snow globe. 

In front of our apt.

Even when you're inside watching the snow, life becomes more enchanting. 

I will admit that some of this re-found appreciation I owe to my little Tundra. He just loves the snow so much. He totally chooses to sleep on snow over anything else, and he gets so excited to play in the deepest snow. 

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