Friday, March 16, 2012

The Soggy Puppy

Finally, last Friday, Derek and I had a day off together. Hip Hip Hooray!! 
So we took Tundra for a walk down to Liberty Park on one of the warmest, winter days ever. We love going to Liberty cause there are so many other people there with their dogs, and Tundra loves them all. He is so friendly! 
While we were there we found a small pond that certainly got the best of Tundra. Apparently he thought that he could walk on water, and when he went for the leap he was unpleasantly surprised. So poor, soggy Tundra learned his first lesson in swimming... you can't do it without getting wet. Then he soared on to find the muddiest spots to roll around in.
People’s reactions went from, "Oh my gosh, can I pet him?" to "Ugh, who's nasty dog is that?" Poor Tundra was so confused. Why didn't anyone want to pet him?

So we had no choice but to give him a bath. His first bath since living in Utah. He was not happy about it. 

If this picture could say one thing, I think it would be... "Why me?"

Now before you feel too bad for him, remember, he completely brought this upon himself.

Don't forget to notice my hunky, husband's sexy biceps ;) 
Oh, and don't worry, he's not naked..... Or is he??? 


  1. It's always amazing to my how actually skinny the "puffy" dogs are in reality. Ha ha! He is so cute!

  2. Oh I know! I couldn't believe it. He looks like a fatty.