Monday, February 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Just a few pics of our unfinished place. Things are starting to come together but there is still so much to do.

Here is the office. Derek is so happy to finally have his desk. There is my beautiful couch he is sitting on. I will put more pics of the couch later cause I have lots to say about him.

Here is one side of the bedroom. We obviously need curtains, a rug, a boarder for the bed, and somewhere to put the "freshman year" tupperware. Look at the lamp!! That came with the place, and I love it!! Super vintage.

Here is the other side of the bedroom. Big closet, thank goodness! I have way too many clothes, the rest of them are in the office closet ;)

Here is the kitchen. We are lookin at it through our little "Taco Window". Thats what I call it anyway. I love the little cup hooks.

Here is the living room. I love my new rug!! We need to hang pics and stuff but its coming along.

Dere is mounting the tv on the wall and we need end tables. There was no lighting in here at all so I temporarily hung my fave green lamp. He is obviously a corner lamp so I will move him later.

Later I will put up pictures of it finished!


  1. Nice Kristen! Coming along great. Enjoy your new place <3
    Love, Aunt Sherrie