Thursday, November 28, 2013

Turkey Day...

.... this year, was quite relaxing and mellow.

Which is really a great thing,
considering our other Thanksgiving (of the Friends sort), which I will post about soon, was possibly the opposite
... in a good way. 

Thanksgiving Day, we woke up slowly
and just hung around the house for a bit
until we decided to finally get dressed and go out. 
We wandered over to Liberty Park
and walked Tundra around.

This is a very telling photo... 

We drove to Sandy 
and had Thanksgiving Dinner with the Jensen's. 
Of course we did the usual....
Shirley invites us to, "say what you are thankful for"...
and we all watch each other try to weasel out it. 
Which is actually pretty entertaining in itself.
The truth of it is that we all have so much that we can, and want to say.
It's almost like we revert to being children,
and we don't want to be that sappy kid 
that says embarrassing things and everyone makes fun of!
Of course Derek is still that kid... that points the finger,
so it makes sense I guess! ha!

One exciting thing that happened
was that we got to meet a new member of the family!
Shara and Ricky got a new puppy
and we hadn't met him yet. 

** Just a few things that I personally am thankful for this year....

My handsome, easy-going, understanding, forgiving, class clown of a husband.
New friends.
The courage to realize when to let go of people you no longer need in your life.
The giant marshmallow of a best friend we call our muffin.
Those who brought me into this world, in all their wonderful differences.
Those who love me as if, they too, brought me into this world.
Succulents... just succulents.
Salt Lake City and it's perfect mix of cityscape and green space.
and... CEREAL... always grateful for cereal!

I could go on forever... but this will do for now. 

Oh! And ALL PUPPIES.... of course!!

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