Friday, November 22, 2013


This new place called ALAMEXO
is supposed to be all the rave!
We have heard so many great things...
and guess what??!!
It's not only Mexican food, it's high class Mexican food!

Der and I hopped on TRAX 
and rode down to Main...

Since this has become quite the little tradition
for Derek and I, 
I decided to document this particular 
date night.
Even though it was quite the simple night. 
Sometimes simple is perfect. 

We walked through Gallivan Center...

We ate yummy guacamole that they made right in front of us,
we had Mexican beer
and then we walked home.

And then we did this.....

Chillin' with the Tun is the best reason to come home early.. 

I think that playing/laying in the bed with our Tundranator 
is just about #1 on mine and Derek's priority list 
these days. 

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