Friday, November 8, 2013

All the Wrapping

There has probably never been an event so looked forward to,
yet so dreadfully scorned at the same time. 

The Hilton Wrap Party!
This years theme: Silver and Gold
And you know I wore a gold sparkly dress!

The nails are still black from Halloween.. oops. 
The sassy greeters
The favorite clients!... Girl Scouts of Utah!
B's famous Martini glass Salads

Ame came to say hi!!!! 
She had just gotten a job at the Sheraton,
so we were sad not to have our Ame at the party. 

Beautiful lighting done by In The Event

The Maruji family came to visit too!!! 

Being that Derek was out of town this year,
 I decided to bring someone else along to keep me entertained.
It had dawned on me that Hilton was pet friendly.
So Hossai and I decided to bring our babies to spend the night. 
Not the greatest idea I've ever had....

Of course, Deacon did just dandy.
Tundra on the other hand..... got kicked out!!
He would bark like crazy every time I left the room. 
We tried putting them together so they would be preoccupied,
then they'd both bark when we left.
Tundra is a bad influence.
Finally, security got called and they had to come get me out of the party, 
right in front of Melissa!
It was pretty humiliating. 
I had to put him in the car until I went home... 
Yeah.. I didn't get to stay the night because of him.  
Bad tundra. 

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