Friday, August 17, 2012

The North Rim

Derek and I just got back from our yearly Cali trip to see my family. We took about two weeks off all together. Yes, we have tons of pictures! We have so many, in fact, that I am going to split them up into 3 different posts. Here is the first:

As you've probably noticed, Derek and I have sort of created a new tradition which requires us to plan a mini side trip to somewhere in between Utah and California every time we drive down. We hit Moab last Thanksgiving, Canyon lands one of the times, and of course Vegas is always a fantastic back up plan. 
So this time we chose the Grand Canyon! Granted, it was a bit further out of the way than most, but Derek had never seen the Grand Canyon before, and I had never been to the North Rim. Totally worth it!

Some random Indian Ruins in Duck Creek Canyon

Don't even worry, there are plenty more sleeping Tundra's to come. I think that's pretty much all he did the whole drive. 
Lunch stop. Okay food. Amazing waiter dude! Gave us so much info about hikes and such
Oh and..... they are famous for their cookies! We couldn't even choose one each. Fatties!
The  s'mores one was pure evil

Tundra was fearless up there

Love this one!

Gorgeous drive on the way into the campground

Our awesome campground. One tent, two chairs, and lots of junk food!

Just roastin' weenies

Chili dogs!
I'm choosing not to go into detail about our torturous fight to get the fire started. It's far too embarrassing
The moon. At 5am
Believe it or not, we actually chose to wake up at 5 am to watch the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. Once in a life time kind of thing, right? Also a summer bucket list kind of thing ;)

The socks and slippers, I know. Don't judge. I wasn't fully prepared for cold weather. 
5 am faces...

The sun wasn't up yet and the moon was so full and bright. Pretty amazing
Brace yourself for a sunrise picture overload. They were all just too pretty

We all love cheese right...
Sunlight creeping through the canyons

Mules that you can ride down the canyon 
Yah, I just ended with a giant, angel kiss wish

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