Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Becoming Cheese Connoisseurs

Stories of us and our Cheese.
Hopefully one day we will not have to spend hours and hours in the fancy cheese isle trying to figure out which ones we like, which ones we think we might like, which ones we have already tried, or which ones we hated that one time that one person brought some.
Documenting our journey to becoming cheese connoisseurs.

Australian Sharp Cheddar -  Not our favorite at first, but it grew on us. Much better with other food, not by itself.
Cave Aged Gruyere - So good! We loved it! 8/22/12
New Zealand Cheddar - We really liked this! Actually one of our favorites.  5/14/12 
Smoked Gouda - Honestly, this wasn't the exact cheese we had. I just know it was some sort of Smoked Gouda that looked similar to this. All we have to say is... Yuck! 10/1/12

Dubliner Cheese: Aged Cheese with  a distinctive taste and a natural hint of sweetness.
Imported from Ireland.
I wrote what was on the package because it doesn't actually say what kind of cheese it is. We really like this one. Its kind of a strong mixture of Swiss and Guyere. 11/12/12

Havarti: Herbs and Spices - We freaking love this cheese. We love it plain, we love it crumbled in our salad, we love it melted on eggs..... it's good with everything. Strong flavor, and a perfectly dense texture. 11/29/12

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