Friday, August 17, 2012

Mom, Pops, Sibs, Grams, and Pups

Just a random span of pictures from our time spent with the family in California. I will post about a couple little side trips very shortly. And yes, I am aware of the large amount of puppy photos shared. I apologize, I just couldn't help myself. If you only knew how many I actually did not post. Ha ha, I have a problem. 

This is what Tundra does every time Derek gets out of the car. And then he makes a huge fuss getting back in the back.  It makes me laugh so I just let it happen.
Tundra is the best road trip buddy. He pretty much sleeps through 85 percent of it, in the funniest positions, (more to come on that later) and then every so often he will shove his fat body up in the front with us. 
We stopped by to see the Grams in Victorville. She met Tundra for the first time.  He wanted to eat the tennis balls off her walker. Ha ha!
Love her so much!
Rocky! The amazing creature that greeted us at the door to my mom's place. I'm obsessed with him. 

The playground that my mom and Bear helped the town build. It's pretty cute. 
Dad and Derek hiked Suicide Rock while my mom and I had our spa day. 
My mom spotted this giant, horrible, disgusting, monster on the side of the road up to Idyllwild. 
Shoved all the pups in the car to go hike with them on some secret trails that Ran knows. Beautiful, sunny day!
Started pouring down rain and hailing while we were out. Derek had to run and get the car, while the girls and pups hid under trees on the side of the road. Poor Rocky was crying and shivering. We must have looked so pathetic. No one stopped but people did point and stare.  

Ridin' in the Bimmer with dad
Oh, I love this dog. One day I will have an Abby.
No comment necessary....
Robin, Josiah, and Hezekiah came up to visit. I took some family photos of the cute, new parents. 
Derek looks so comfortable holding a baby.... 
Just playing in the coolest fort ever! 
Waiting at the door for someone. That's what they do.

Poor Abby has been obsessed with this trailer full of wood for months. She saw something crawl in there once, and now she just sits there for hours at a time. 
Tundra thinks Abby is so cool! He copies everything she does. 

Brought this awesome BBQ sauce from Utah and my mom made ribs with it. Yummy. 
That's a dead Abby. After a normal walk, this is what she looks like for an hour. Poor girl is gettin' old. 
And Rocky's legs are so short that he is basically sprinting on all of our walks. He's dead too. 

On our drive home we stopped by to see Tundra's family. 
He loves his sister. They played to whole time.
 His mom was totally reprimanding him the whole time. 
It was super neat to see them all interact and watch their culture. 

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