Monday, August 27, 2012

Moonlight Heat

Our last Sunday in California with the family, we all took a trip out to Moonlight Beach. Mom suggested this beach because grandpa used to go there when they were little. We thought it was a fantastic idea, because Derek and I also have a few special memories at this beach. 
We picked up Noah, Tyler, Tash, and her boyfriend, Johnny on the way. It was really nice to be all together again. I hadn't been to the beach with Noah since we were like 10 years old. We're still the same ;)
Mom brought so many goodies, as usual. Giant bucket of Stater Bros Chicken, two delicious deli sandwiches, Brisk iced tea, chips & bean dip, red vines, Hawaiian rolls, etc....
Needless to say we munched all day long!

They're a colorful couple!
Mom would be super mad at me if she saw this. Thankfully, I know for a fact she never ever looks at my blog. I just thought the two of them looked cute together. 

Me and all the boys spent most of the time body surfing and getting thrashed by the waves. It was so much fun! I napped in the sun while the dudes played Frisbee for hours. We all got fried, and I am now peeling all over. I thought for sure I had it made, since it's about two weeks past, but apparently my skin just couldn't hold out any longer. This was one of the hottest days I've felt at the beach in a long time.

Little Loves!
The joy of stealing photos off someone else's camera. Bet she totally forgot she took this picture

Fatty Derek
Mom waiting for us while we swim the cave

Climbing back up
Our victory shot! Mom being jealous ;)

Apparently they let you on seal beach again. Some of the baby seals are super friendly. 
Derek re-enacting his former tragedy for us. I won't go into detail for the sake of his feelings, but I will say it involves a much larger version of this ball at Disneyland while meeting my family for the first time. 
Walking around La Jolla Cove 
Tash and Johnny took my mom's car home early, leaving us with an extra human. I was designated to sit on Derek's lap for the two hours home. 

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