Monday, August 12, 2013


Thanks to Derek and his amazing Anniversary gift to us,
we are now officially certified divers. 
Woo hoo!!

 Learning how to dive was such a fun experience.
It's actually much more complicated than I had ever put enough thought in to realize
and it can be a little scary at times.

We spent 3 weeks going to classes 
and taking tests to prepare us for using our modules and gear.
While taking the classes we would spend hours in the pool 
learning the basics of diving. 
Often till 10pm. 
Then we did 3 open water dives at the Heber crater to finish off our certification.

Steve was our instructor
He was a cool dude. 
I think he pretty much lived in the water. 

 There were 8 of us in our class
This awesome couple above that was planning a trip to the Caribbean.
These 3 siblings, super cool kids, that were just learning so they could dive on their family trips. Trust fund babies. 
And this sort of quiet guy named that was just getting certified to have it when he needs it. Ha! Way to be prepared. 

After our last dive
we celebrated by walking around homestead and having a nice dinner.
This bread was amazing!!!
They bake it in this cool pot
so the bread is shaped like it when you pull it out. 
I was fascinated by it . 

Here's to accomplishing one of my most important bucket list items!!

August - September

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