Friday, August 16, 2013

Camp Cloud Rim

One of the many perks of working at Hilton
are all of the fun events you get invited to,
often with big companies 
such as
  The Girl Scouts of Utah

Every year they put on a fundraiser event called Camping for a Cause
It is held up near Park City at Camp Cloud Rim 

My boss Colleen, works very closely with The Girl Scouts of Utah
and therefore was invited to this event.
Four of us girls went
 and it was so much fun!

It is the most beautiful campground
with a huge cabin right on a lake.

We had a delicious dinner and drinks
while they introduced us to the event
and started the auction.
Nicolle ended up getting a really cool package to Snowbird

Their signature drink was the Girls Scouts Thin Mint Cocktail. Super Sweet

 We were given goody bags
containing these awesome head lamps.
They were a big hit!

Best thing ever!! Ran into Ryan!
That actually happens often now, since we both work with the Girl Scouts. 

After dinner
we changed into our fat girl pants...
ate a lot of candy and popcorn...
and danced the night away!

And limbo-ed....

We made popcorn.

Amy demonstrated how to style a headlamp. genius

 We headed back to our tent, 
got all bundled up....

 And watched Pitch Perfect on the big screen under the stars
with ate more popcorn and candy.
It was a good night!!

The next morning
we headed down to a wonderful breakfast.
Colleen and Amy left.

Nicolle and I signed up for some super cool activities!

The first was a hike to some of the surrounding lakes

The second was Yoga on the Dock
which was a little nerve racking but so amazing!
I often felt like I was going to fall into the lake. Ha! 

The last was Canoeing

View of the cabin from the lake
Some lady paddle boarding with her dog. 

We got a lunch to go right before we left
It looked very cute
but nothing in it was very appetizing..
Except for the Girl Scout Cookies, of course!!

I feel so lucky to have been able to go on this trip with such fun people! 
I love the Girl scouts!!

August 16th

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