Saturday, August 10, 2013

3rd Anni Date

Being that we went all out this year for our anniversary 
and did the scuba certification
we just had a mellow 
date night on our actually anniversary.

We took TRAX downtown to 
Himalayan Kitchen
which neither of us had been to yet. 
Kind of crazy 
considering Derek's LOVE for Indian food. 

The food was fantastic.

I really enjoyed the simplicity of this anniversary date
because it felt like there was no pressure for it to be extraordinary
which in fact is the reason, I believe, that it turned out to be such 
and extraordinary date. 
I felt like we had just started dating 
and we ended up playing 
that ridiculous game where you take turns saying the things you love about each other.
It sounds so cheesy and obnoxious
but those are exactly the moments you need later in your marriage
versus early in your dating life. 


On a side note:
My adorable grandma and father
sent us these awesome Edible Arrangements to say Happy Anniversary. 
They are so thoughtful!

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