Friday, December 28, 2012

Shooting Range

Since it's mostly just my mom, Bear, and Randi all the time now, things back home have sort of change a little bit. The three of them have developed cute little traditions/hobbies that they do together. My mom and Randi, being attached at the hip, have far too many quirky little things to mention. Bear and Randi, on the other hand, have a couple brand new ones that we got to join in on this holiday vacation.
The two of them, sometimes Tyler, go out to the shooting range near Lake Hemet to target practice quite often. It was pretty obvious that they are frequent visitors because Randi sort of showed us all up. I've never really been much into guns, so this was my first time shooting. I’m not very good, to say the least. Plus, I’m a huge baby. The shotgun about knocked me over, and the handgun just hurts my whole hand. Nonetheless, it was really fun to try, and I love that Randi and Bear have something fun to do together.
Tyler had a little BB gun that he loves to shoot zombies with. He would stand close enough for the nose of the gun to touch the paper, pull the trigger, and then freak out with excitement because he hit the target (or even if he didn't hit it). It was pretty entertaining.


Not really my thing....

Gettin' our Model shots on...

Shootin' Zombies!

Model shots of Derek.... He's so tough with that bebe gun :)

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